Like you, I was raised to abhor waste. And so, I always feel guilty, when I waste produce. To make things worse, I am a bit of a health nut, so I am always trying new things or buying produce (like kale) for its nutritional virtues, even though I know it’s likely to never make it in my pot. In the past, I’d let unwanted produce sit in the produce drawer until it was slimy and most definitely not edible. There is no way to rescue produce that has hit the slime stage, but yet I always felt guilty on the trip to the garbage pail. With a compost bin, I realized that I have the freedom to send unloved produce back to its maker, before it gets to the slimy stage and be guilt free.

Sure I’ve wasted another kind of green, but that grows on trees, no? I may not live on a farm, but the compost bin (our house came with two) makes me feel like I am part of the system. Another bonus to composting? Supposedly a huge percentage of the landfill is filled with food scraps, but ours is not. At this point, we often don’t fill a medium sized kitchen bag in a week, but every other day (or more often) I empty a full compost pail outside. Chock another one up for improved quality of life.

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I thought I’d give the healthy side of the coin a whirl ~ I’m trying ~ But I’m flailing ~ But I’m still keeping an open mind…

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