Saturday Slumber

Sweet Sleeping Bandon~ My Inspiration For the Day

Today is all about Saturday Rest.

After yesterdays particularly brutal afternoon, evening and late night, I’ve decided today is about pajamas, text messaging my family from the bed (as good as a bell) and hopefully sleep.

Why did no one mention to me that once the novacaine wore off yesterday I would beg for a quick death? Huh? Whats the deal? Was everyone holding out on me or what?

It was shocking. I’ve never had a tooth extraction like I did yesterday. Usually it’s… fill a diet coke caused cavity and milkshakes afterwards. But this back molar, broken and sad, had to go………I thought Friday would be my day of grace, of sweet mercy. Hell No. Issues I’d never heard before came stomping into my afternoon. Lack of blood clots and dry socket. Score one for the phobia column.

So instead of sweet grace and mercy, I was biting down on tea bags and gulping more than the recommended dosage of painkillers. Robert eventually swiped my pain pill bottle from the side of my bed and had Kaitlyn hide the bottle from me. My frantic and desperate plea’s every 10 minutes insisting it was TIME FOR ANOTHER PILL fell on deaf ears. The traitors. I was reduced to sobbing that any family or friend of mine would smother me with a pillow and consider themselves a hero. It was, truly, that bad…….tears bad and I don’t do tears.

Now, I know I’ve been whining about this tooth thing for a week now. I swear, this is it. Last time. I do feel better today, beyond tired, but better. So, I’m taking a clue from my dog. I’m going to lay my head on thy pillow, squeeze my eye’s shut, and pretend this last week never, ever, happened.

So how was you week?

And yes, the dentist was in full on dental camo. Sneaky little bugger wasn’t he…….

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